Autumn 2011

New Tents

We are hoping to recieve a grant to purchase some new 14" tents, the current tents we have are over 40 years old and in desperate need of replacement.

Natwest have a fund that can help us do this, but we need your help to vote for us!

You have to visit the Natwest Website by clicking here, sign up and then vote for us, it's simple, the more votes we get the more likely we are to recieve the funding.

The Centeenary

2011 is a monumental anniversary for TWSS, we've now been around for over 100 years.

We celebrated this achievment on the 2nd weekend of July, we spent Saturday morning at Powells Pool where the Scouts ferried old members to the Guardship and the old members showed the Scouts how a Rover should be sailed (pictures can be found on the website).

The Saturday evening was the main event, over 150 people were at Killock for a Hog roast and drink. Photos from both the past and present were dotted around the hall  which sparked many happy memories of time spent with the troop. Old friends, some from across oceans, were re-united and many have swapped details so they can keep in touch.

On the evening pictures were taken in the Rover, these can be downloaded from the Killock website for framing or putting in the photo album, a donation is kindly requested if you do download and use any of these pictures.

A breakfast of bacon sandwiches was served at the Cabin up the Wrekin on Sunday morning, the calories of which were soon burned off by a walk up Little Hill or even Big Hill by the more adventurous.

We look forward to seeing you all again for the 125th anniversary.

The Meet

We won, again!

The Scouts put in a fantastic effort winning both the pulling, sculling and kayaking trophies and then taking home the overall Scout section winners trophy.

The Explorers got off to a slow start during the Saturdays sailing with only two showing up but they made up for it on the Sunday winning the pulling and kayaking as well as the overall Explorers section trophy.

The leaders also put in a good effort winning the leaders race and supporting the Scouts with some winning advice and plenty of shouting.

A lot of work is required on our sailing skills if we want to win again next year, but when it comes to pulling and kayaking we are invincible, lets keep up the good work.

The support from the parents was very dissapointing this year, only a few turned up to cheer us on and not many more arrived for the prize giving, a better turn out is requested next year.

Photos from the Meet are on the website.

Parent Scout Association 

Please help to support 3rd Walsall by attending our in house functions. Family and friends are always welcome and all money raised goes into the Troop.

October 14th - Family Barn Dance

Always a very popular event with everyone. Dancing to our usual band lead by Jeff Hackett. Tickets £7 adult £5 child. This is a bring your own light supper event but please remember only drinks from the bar to be consumed.

November 12th - Music Quiz Night

Another fantastic event from John Knight with music and video on the big screen.
Tickets available after 14th October.

February 4th - Chilli and Quiz Night

Our popular chilli and quiz night returns.
Tickets on sale early January.

Tickets are on sale at Killock after Troop nights or call Alison on 01922 632211.


We've been working hard this year to get the troop back into the black, we've been greatly assisted in this by our new treasurer Steve.

Finances are improving due to Killock being used more widely for functions and events, thanks to the PSA and bar staff for all the hard work.

Any suggestions for raising funds are welcomed.

-- Steve White

How can you help?

The easiest way for you to help us is simply to buy things online, it really is that simple. We've partnered up with so that when you do your Christmas shopping on Amazon or Ebay we can get some cashback.

All you need ot do is visit using the link on our website and sign up, then when you want to buy some goodies form Amazon or many other online retailers simply use the link on to get to their website, it won't cost you a penny more and it might buy us a new boat or two.

The Beavers

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer. Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who  supported the Beaver and Cub Summer Sizzle, we had a fantactic turnout which raised our Beaver funds to ensure we can continue to carry out more vaired activities. The beavers are going to be looking at doing more badge work over the next few months.

Coming up, is the beaver district sleepover, which is taking part at Killock. This will be a exciting night for the Beavers, a tiring night for the leaders and a very peacefull night for your parents.

Christmas will soon be here and like last year we are going to plan a wonderfull show/evening for all the family to come to. so please keep an eye out for future letters.

Finally thank you to all the Beavers as "Killock Beavers are the best".

-- Amy & Jane

The Cubs

We all had a fab summer, loads of wonderful activities where undertaken by all. September has come and gone very quickley, already in out 4th week back. With a fun filled programme, for all the cubs to look forward to and plenty of badges to be earnt along the way. I'm sure we will be breaking up for Christmas before we know it.

Once we start back in the new year the programme will be based on Challenge 60! Challenge 60 is a West Mercia Cub challenge, which is aimed to teach the cubs many new skills such as, building self confidence, team work, communication and respect for one another and themselves. Challenge 60 is based around 60 challenges consisting of, individual challenges, pack challenges and district challenges. As leaders we look forward to a challenging year ahead.

Please keep a close eye out for future letters as they all have important information on them!!!

-- Alex & Helpers

The Scouts

Scouts started the year working hard towards passing Admiralty inspection which we did with flying colours. As usual Scouts had a varied winter programme including, games, knots, sailing theory, pitching tents, cooking, first aid, geocaching and much more. The Scouts did us proud once again at Remembrance Parade and in true 3rd Walsall style on the day they all refused to swing their arms!

Halloween camp was a big hit as usual and Graham did a good job of scaring all the little people. Christmas camp was postponed due to the very snowy weather we had but there was something nice about having another bit of Christmas in January and most importantly Santa still came.

As the cold weather passed the Scouts looked forward to going back on the water. Thanks to Graham and Gerry the boats were in much better condition this year. Once the scouts got on the water they had a great time learning new skills and practicing old ones. Lots of sailing, kayaking, pulling and sculling has been done this year. This was evident at the MSS Meet when once again this year our Scouts did absolutely brilliantly and came home with the overall trophy.

We are currently getting ready for Grahams challenge and beginners camp. We are also looking forward to Halloween and Christmas camp again this year. I know the scouts are very excited at the prospect of being bodies for the Fire Service, this should be a fantastic experience for all. We have already had a good start to the winter programme with the Bat Man coming in and allowing the Scouts to trace bats over the field.

One Friday in November Amy and I are organising a girly evening with a makeup lady coming in. She will have a team of lades ready to teach us how to apply make, give us make overs and the chance to get a few Christmas presents in.

-- Jacqueline Powell


The Explorers

The explorer section is going from strength to strength after having a fantastic year. Much of the winter and spring was spent fundraising, this allowed the explorer section to celebrate Third Walsall's centenary year by jetting off to Belgium for a truly unforgettable trip. During the action packed week we went to a theme park, water park, did climbing, via ferratta, high rope courses, biking, geocaching, tunnelling, went to a festival and, of course, did a bit of sight seeing.

Back in Walsall, after a full summer program of boating, the explorers reigned supreme at the midland scout meet winning many of the individual categories and, most importantly, they were crowned overall winners of the weekend.

With the addition of a new explorer leader to our team we are sure that the next year should be even better than the last!

-- Bobboie Johnson

Annual Camp

TWSS attendance at our annual camp comprised a lopsided 19 Leaders and Helpers, 9 Scouts and 2 Explorers. To redress the balance between Leaders and Scouts, we invited Gosport Sea Scouts to join us and with their 15 Scouts, one Explorer and 2 Leaders, the event began to look more like a Scout camp than a Leaders’ camp.

The weather stayed fine for most of the week and even the one day of rain would have been classed as a dry day in Bala. There was, however no wind and the occasional zephyrs that stirred the Picos were really sea breezes. Similarly, the dry summer has left the river Ouse unchallenging for the ‘white water only’ kayak contingent.

With showers and flush toilets at both the campsite and the sailing club, even the most fastidious Scouts were happy and the standard and the variety of fine dining throughout the week seemed to satisfy even the most delicate palates. On the one night that the Scouts were invited to light an open fire and cook their own dinner, we learned the difference between BackWOODs and BackWARDs cooking (See Killock website images for further information).

The site was large enough to ensure that the noisiest Scouts failed to disturb the Leaders’ beauty sleep and the fact that the site was located a ten minute mountain bike ride away from the sailing club ensured that the Scouts remained at, or on, the lake throughout each day.

Indoor climbing, archery and windsurfing added to variety and gave the Scouts a break from rowing, sculling, sailing and kayaking. Soon to be Doctor Bobbie’s frank exchange of views with the windsurfing instructor was explained away to the Activity Centre by her having ‘attention deficit disorder’.

Pressure washing the Grafham Water Killer Shrimps (large invertebrates with huge claws and vicious rows of needle like teeth) off the boats at the end of camp also ensured the removal of most of the Powell’s Pool seagull guano, thus reducing the boat maintenance for the up-coming closed season.

All the feedback from camp has been upbeat and this has inspired the Leaders to look further afield for Camp 2012. For information, next year’s camp will be at Wimbleball Lake, Somerset from 25th July to 1st August inclusive and a detailed flyer will be issued as soon as the details have been finalised. Could all parents support this event as it is no more difficult to organise a camp for 60 than it is for 50.

Yours in Scouting, Grumps


The Exec

The Third’s executive is a group of parents, former Scouts and friends of the Third whose role is to support the Group Scout Leader and his team. That support takes the form of fundraising, running social events for you and your son or daughter, running licensed functions to raise money, helping to maintain Killock and helping behind the scenes. It was the combined help of the Executive and your leaders that helped us have such a great Centenary celebration in July.

As we offer a warm welcome to our new GSL Matt Minton I am sure you will join me in thanking Gerry Forde for the tireless effort he has put into his time as first a cub leader, scout leader and then GSL.

Meeting former Scouts and friends on the Centenary weekend reminded many of us of the enormous benefit Scouting has had on our lives and that of our young. We want to continue to give Matt the same support that his predecessors have enjoyed and welcome your help volunteering as a helper, leader, friend or supporter in any way you can. Talk to one of the leaders or any of the adult helpers around to learn how you can help or email me at We are lucky to have so many parents prepared to help out rather than leave it to others – just a small commitment from you means it needn’t become a chore and helps make a difference for your child and those who follow.

-- Will Harrington